Crafting Tasty
Made’s Identity

Chipotle, is a renowned Mexican fast-food chain known for its commitment to sourcing ethical ingredients and providing fresh food. Chipotle aimed to expand its horizons by testing the feasibility of a fast-food burger concept, leading to the birth of Tasty Made, a new burger test location.

ASTONISHING WORK provided comprehensive services to fulfill Chipotle’s requirements. Our team completed a competitor analysis, skillfully crafted the logo, established the look and feel, created eye-catching signage, developed brand guidelines, and designed food packaging, uniforms and menus.

Services provided

Brand Identity
Look & Feel
Food packaging
Store colors

Early round options.
The Process

Our journey began with an in-depth discovery phase, allowing us to deeply understand the project's scope and objectives. We conducted thorough research to identify industry trends, colors, and customer expectations for the burger joint niche.

Armed with these insights, we initiated the design process, comprising three rounds of design and refinement to define the logo, colors, and overall look and feel.

Once the foundation was established, we seamlessly extended the brand identity to packaging, signage, and menus.

Furthermore, we provided valuable recommendations for employee uniforms and store colors.

Throughout the process, we fostered close collaborations with vendors to ensure the flawless execution of the brand's visual elements.

The Impact

ASTONISHING WORK’s design solutions played a crucial role in creating a memorable and engaging experience for Tasty Made patrons, laying the foundation for a successful venture.

"Brand development that was right on target for our vision and key for us getting the doors open on time."
Mark Crumpacker